Who is The Tallest Man in the world

Tallest men:

Robert Pershing Wadlow
John William Rogan
John F. Carroll
Vaino Myllyrinne
Sultan Kosen
Don Koehler
Bernard Coyne
Vikas Uppal
Patrick Cotter O'Brien
Brahim Takioullah
Morteza Mehrzad
Julius Koch
Gabriel Estevao Monjane
Suleiman Ali Nashnush
Anton de Franchepoinct
Zhang Jun-Cai
Felipe Birriel Fernandez
Sa id Muhammad Ghazi
Alexander Sizonenko
Feodor Machnow
Ijaz Ahmed
Albert Johan Kramer
Frederick Kempster
Yoshimitsu Matsuzaka
William Bradley
John Middleton
Louis Moilanen
Angus MacAskill
Ondor Gongor
Walter Straub
Bao Xi Shun
Radhouane Charbib
Naseer Ahmaad Soomro
Sun Ming Ming
Chang Woo-Gow
Rachid Bara
Thomas Hasler
Cecil Boling
Bartolomeo Bon
Ted Evans
Ri Myong-hun
Lars Tollefson Opsata
Wang Xin-Feng
Fernand Bachelard
Viktor Prenner
Edouard Beaupre
George Bell
Haji Mohammad Alam Channa
Ferdinand Contat
Zech DeVits
Miguel Joaquin de Eleicegui
Maximillian Miller
Jim Porter
Adam Rainer
Francis Sheridan
Igor Vovkovinskiy
Franz Winkelmeyer
Conrad Furrows
Agustin Luengo Capilla
Jaime Clemente
Wang Feng-Jun
Amenates Tingitsoglu
Neil Fingleton
Hussain Bisad
Jack Earle
Bourgeois Giant
Uvays Akhtaev
Jorge Gonzalez
Ramazan Karageyik
Parimal Chandra Barman
Charles Byrne
Huang Chang-Chiu
Henry Dalglish
Kenny George
Lock Martin
Gheorghe Muresan
George Page
Johann Petursson
Reino Rutanen
Jitendra Singh
Leonid Stadnyk
Paul Sturgess
Peter Tuchan
John Turner
Max Palmer

Tallest women:

Zeng Jinlian
Jane 'Ginny' Bunford
Yao Defen
Sandy Allen
Sylvia Hardy
Wassiliki Calliandji
Anna Haining Swan
Carolina Rascon
Delores Pullard
Ella Ewing
Maria Feliciana dos Santos
Maria Fassnauer (Mariedl)
Sun Fang
Marianne Wehde
Margo Dydek
Kaatje van Dyk
Eleanor Wagner
Rosa Wedsted
Uljana Semjonova
Lyuba Shilo
Leah May
Elizabeth Lyska
Jane Grey

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