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Older workers can be as adaptable and quick to learn as anyone else. Small enterprises generally offer greater adaptability than larger firms. It is a safe, steady-running and trustworthy engine, with excellent distribution of weight, and it is susceptible of a wide range of adaptability in power requirements. Thus, there is an increasing need for robust, adaptable tech solutions. With a reasonable $70 price tag, this Bright Starts swing is a little basic but offers surprisingly smart features, including adaptable speed technology, music, a toy bar, and reclining abilities.

  • Approaching these situations with an open mind and a flexible approach will yield more positive results than approaching them with a rigid, closed state of mind.
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  • The use of a flexible gastroscope can be very useful because of its adaptability to the anatomy.
  • Consider the following scenarios where the subjects demonstrate adaptability to difficult or unexpected conditions which gives them positive results.
  • They are able to respond to changing requirements along their entire lifetime33.

In particular, the framework must be able to adapt to the fact that large parts of the Internet will at least initially be NSIS-unaware, so incremental, minimal-pain deployment must provide benefits even in this case. The only thing we seem to have going for us is a certain https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ adaptability and a capacity for survival. Help support Wordnik (and make this page ad-free) by adopting the word adaptability. The quality of being adaptable; a quality that renders adaptable. The American Constitution has proved adaptable in changing political conditions.

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There is no use in wasting energy on things you cannot control, but you can be proactive on things that are in your control or that you may influence. New managers or co-workers have differing or new ideas for how work can be done. This requires having an open mind as well as sharing your views and ideas.

This might push others away as they feel you don’t hear or appreciate their thoughts and ideas. Getting other people’s opinions on how to approach an obstacle in your life may yield a solution that you never thought of before and improve your interpersonal communication and relationships. Adaptability is the skill of molding your actions and reactions to the changing environment around you. Specifically, it is “the capacity to make appropriate cognitive, behavioral, or affective adjustments in the presence of uncertain or novel circumstances” . Being adaptable means you are flexible in your thinking and behaviors when the circumstances around you are changing.


As the cliché goes, change is the one constant in the world. Therefore, employers will always look for people who respond well to change. Show you’re adaptable by describing times you’ve adjusted to and overcome changes at work. A growth mindset is a vital part of adaptability, so it’s essential to keep learning as much as possible. Stay updated with what’s going on in your industry by signing up for newsletters, following top leaders on social media, and staying connected with other professionals.

Explore the meaning of adaptability and how to cultivate it within yourself. If you’re someone who loves processes and order, it can be hard to stray from what you’ve always done. But just because something has worked for a while doesn’t mean it will be the most useful thing forever. Challenge yourself to try new things, whether a new project management tool or a new way to structure a meeting. While you can’t always prepare for unpredictable, uncertain circumstances, you can improve how you respond when change does arise.

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There will always be a new employee or customer you need to interact with or a new process to learn. Adaptability allows you to take a proactive approach to the ever-changing workplace environment (Ployhart & Bliese, 2006). The COVID-19 pandemic has recently shown just how fragile our working patterns can be, demonstrating how important adaptability is for ensuring success. Now and in the future, the managers and employees who actively cultivate adaptive habits will not only be primed for survival during difficult times but will also be ready to seize opportunities as soon as they arise.

definition of adaptability

Add adaptability to one of your lists below, or create a new one. The missing feature was a common element of most biological interactions, the structural adaptability of the interacting partners. Agents in a multi-agent system are characterised by autonomy, adaptability, interoperability and dynamism.


Incorporating flexibility into the technology, process and team dynamics of a project. The capacity of adapting to different situations and contexts. Capability of a system to change itself in response to changes in the environment. Implies a reaction in coherence with the context of crisis while learning and developing new solutions called innovation.

Resilience is the ability to bounce back after encountering difficult situations. When faced with a tough situation, resilience allows you to put yourself back together and adjust accordingly. If you want to be more resilient, developing your ability to be adaptable may increase your ability what is adaptability to withstand strenuous life events. Since change is a constant of life, adaptability is a skill that allows you to effectively adjust to that change. When you think rigidly, you may miss out on opportunities for better solutions because you refuse to consider any ideas other than your own.

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An interview allows you to elaborate on the adaptability examples you’ve written on your resume and offer new information about other times you’ve had to adapt at school or in the workplace. The ability of populations to evolve in response to changing environmental conditions. Adaptability in an urban context refers to the capacity to adjust to rapidly changing, complex situations and circumstances. The ability to cope with internal or external changes or to adjust itself to dynamic environments or unexpected events. Is a feature of a system or of a process, adaptability metrics involving human level of confidence and can be simplified to that extent in real life situations.

definition of adaptability

Looking at life from another point of view can help you realize there are many ways to solve the same problem. Consider a situation in your life that you need to adapt to and then approach that situation from someone else’s point of view. Some people may not be very adaptable because they don’t believe in their abilities.

What Does it Mean to Be Adaptable at Work?

Watch the following video, “How to be an adaptable employee during change and uncertainty”. Change is an inevitable part of life which means adaptability is an essential skill for life and dealing with that change. It is important to practice this skill for everything from the small inconveniences that can happen in your everyday routine to the unavoidable community, political, or societal shifts that can impact your entire life. The ability to be flexible in your thinking is called cognitive flexibility–a component of adaptability.

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